Every party, event, and wedding is unique.

If you have a different vision, Please feel free to contact us.

We will be happy to customize your photo experience, and tailor our service to your special needs.


What's Included in Every PHOTO BOOTH Package?

Minimum 2 hours* of operation time

  • A 23” fully automated touch system equipped with a professional DSLR and Lens

  • Studio-grade lighting

  • UNLIMITED photo sessions with a single print to capture smiles, kisses, and laughter

  • Instant e-mail digital copy

  • YOUR CHOICE of ONE 4×6”or TWO 2×6” instant print

  • Your custom logo, name, or message on every print

  • An ONLINE GALLERY of your images with FREE downloads for 1 year

  • 1-2 on-site Photo Booth Attendant(s)

  • Your choice of Colour or Black & White Photos

  • A choice from various backdrop options

  • PROPS: A big box of fun and amazing props (some outrageous glasses, picture frames, etc…)

  • FREE set-up and tear-down

  • Travel within the Greater Vancouver is included


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When is the best time to have a photo booth at my wedding?

The best start time is typically during the cocktail hours and have them run throughout the reception. This allows your guests to have something fun to do at down times between events. If cocktail hours and reception are too far apart – then having it running during the reception after dinner works great as well. We also offer break/idle time for $50/hr so the booth can be on-site and not in use.

What is “Single print”?

Our machine provides one 4x6” or two 2x6” hard copy on a premium glossy paper per every session. There are UNLIMITED sessions for guests to take their photos.

How long is a “session”?

A session is approximately 90 seconds long. You will be taking 1-4 shots, and there are about 10 seconds in between photos for you to change props and preposition yourself.

Can we add more hours of coverage on the day?

Our course! Due to the high demand of our service, it is always a good idea to book us as early as possible. But we are always happy to stay longer for you and your guests as long as our machine and staff don’t have any other prior commitment.

How much space will the photo booth take?

Typically, a 3m x 3m area is ideal. But, let us know if you are having difficulty. Our years of experience in running around different venues will help you set up a safe, well-functioned station!

Can we bring our own props?

Yes, you can bring your own props, backdrop, sign, logo … whatever makes you look good (or funny)! But, please keep safety in mind and don’t bring in your kitchen knife thinking it is “just a prop”.